Remote Vital Sign Monitoring System2022-06-02T17:52:39+00:00

Remote Vital Sign Monitoring System

Cornerstone Regional Hospital offers wireless vital sign monitoring using the advanced ViSi Mobile System. The wrist-worn device continuously tracks patient vital sign data and transmits the information to clinicians. The system can enhance patient safety by enabling clinicians to detect early changes in vital signs.

The system continuously monitors:

  • Blood oxygenation status
  • Pulse rate or heart rate
  • Respiration rate
  • Skin temperature
  • Heart rhythm
  • Blood pressure

The device weighs just four ounces and continuously monitors vital signs while the patient is awake and asleep. Typically, nurses check patient vital signs during routine rounds. The intermittent checks can disturb patients and provide snapshots of vital sign data, rather than continuous information. With continuous monitoring, clinicians have a constant stream of data to help identify early signs of deterioration, which could help prevent adverse events. If a patient’s vital signs move beyond selected ranges, the system’s alarm will warn clinicians, so the appropriate intervention can be taken.

The lightweight device also promotes mobility. Patients are able to get out of bed, walk around, shower and perform physical therapy while wearing the device.