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Health Records Online

Manage Your Health, From Home or on the Go

There’s nothing more personal to you than your health. So shouldn’t you have access to all your personal health information and doctors, quickly and easily, wherever you are?

Health Records Online is a convenient, easy way to access your health information and keep in touch with your doctors through a secure, online connection.

Access The Portal

If you have already enrolled, you can log in below.


Enroll In Person or Online

Two ways to enroll in the portal:

  • In person: Provide your email address at registration and we’ll email you an invitation to join.
  • Online: Enroll in the portal online at any time after registration.


When you enroll, enter your Medical Record Number (MRN) found on our hospital wristband on or documentation provided at discharge. If you don’t know your MRN, contact Registration or the Health Information Management Department for additional information on how to obtain your invitation.

Manage Your Health

Health Records Online enables you to manage your health anytime using your computer, smartphone or tablet. Connect with your doctors no matter where you are, at home, around town, or out of state.

With Health Records Online, you can:

  • Find Care – Search for providers and locations nearest to you.
  • Pay Bills – Save time by paying your bill online easily and securely.
  • View Test Results – Don’t call your provider’s office to get your results. Access them quickly and easily and share with other providers.
  • Manage Prescriptions – See your medication history and order refills of current medications.
  • Securely Message Your Doctor – Send a private note to your provider and get your questions answered.
  • Health Dashboard – Get a high-level view of your health, all in one place.

Health Records Online lets you see a summary of your medical records, including:

  • Lab results
  • Radiology reports
  • Medications
  • Health issues
  • Allergies
  • Immunizations
  • Procedures
  • Summaries of care you’ve received
  • Discharge instructions

Portal Support

For technical issues or trouble logging in:

Call 888-252-8146 for help, 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

Questions about enrollment?

Contact the hospital Registration Department at the following numbers:

  • Cornerstone Regional Hospital: 956-972-6400
  • Edinburg Children’s Hospital: 956-388-6803
  • Edinburg Regional Medical Center: 956-388-6626
  • McAllen Heart Hospital: 956-994-2431
  • McAllen Medical Center: 956-632-4023

Questions about your medical records?

Call the hospital Health Information Management Department at the following numbers:

  • Cornerstone Regional Hospital: 956-972-6440
  • Edinburg Children’s Hospital: 956-388-6645
  • Edinburg Regional Medical Center: 956-872-2731
  • McAllen Heart Hospital: 956-632-4076
  • McAllen Medical Center: 956-632-4076

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Health Records Online secure?

Yes. Health Records Online is located on a secure website.

Q: Do you share my information with anyone?

No. Only you may elect to share summaries of your care with other healthcare providers. We do not share your personal information and strictly follow our Privacy Policy. You may read that policy online or when you enroll in Health Records Online.

Q: Is there a fee to use Health Records Online?

No, the service is completely free of charge.

Q: When can I expect to see my information?

Some information, such as allergy or immunization information, is available shortly after it is documented in the hospital. Other information, such as radiology reports, are available fourteen days after the report is finalized.