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Medical Staff Resources

At Cornerstone Regional Hospital, we are looking for qualified, passionate and dedicated clinical professionals.

To request staff information email:

Elizabeth Jasso
Medical Staff Coordinator
Email: [email protected]

Blanca R Silvas
RN Quality Manager & Medical Staff Supervisor

Physician Relationship Management

The Physician Relationship Management office at Cornerstone Regional Hospital is a two-way communication channel to help physicians navigate the hospital’s services and systems. The Physician Relationship Management team works to enhance communications and ensure the best possible experience for providers and their medical staff when referring patients to Cornerstone Regional Hospital.

Our physician relationship manager is available to assist you and your office staff if you have questions or need referral assistance.

If you have questions or need referral assistance:

Crystal Lopez
Phone: (956) 618-4444
Email: [email protected]
If your practice would like a visit from a hospital representative, please provide us with your contact information and someone will be in touch with you.

We offer:

  • Information on new programs and specialty updates
  • Referral assistance
  • Communication from Cornerstone Regional Hospital
  • Coordination of individual meetings among community physicians and Cornerstone Regional Hospital specialists and other key administrators
  • A single reference source for any hospital-related question

Cornerstone Access Request Forms

Cornerstone Security Access Agreement Form

  • Please complete one form per organization.

Cornerstone Information Data Access Agreement Form

  • Please complete one form per organization.

Cornerstone Information Security & Privacy Agreement Form

  • Each requester will need to complete one form.

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