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About Cornerstone Regional Hospital

In 1998, a group of physicians who were determined to offer their community a high level of healthcare services founded Cornerstone Regional Hospital®, an acute care hospital that emphasized orthopedics and general surgery.

Since then, Cornerstone Regional Hospital has diversified and offers a comprehensive range of medical services and specialties. The staff at Cornerstone Regional Hospital believes in establishing caring and professional relationships with its patients and their families, and encourages family interaction with physicians and staff in its family-oriented, homelike environment. All patient rooms have comfortable suites, giving the staff the ability to extend highly personalized healthcare to help every patient.

In August 2005, the physician owners of Cornerstone Regional Hospital affiliated with the largest healthcare system in the Rio Grande Valley, South Texas Health System. Cornerstone Regional Hospital is directly or indirectly owned by a partnership that includes physician owners, including certain members of the hospital medical staff.

Through this partnership, Cornerstone Regional Hospital has benefited from a support system that has access to managed care health plans, group purchasing contracts, and the ability to coordinate care for patients requiring services beyond the hospital’s immediate scope of practice.

Cornerstone Regional Hospital is licensed by the state of Texas and accredited by The Joint Commission. The hospital is designed to serve patients with general medical and surgical care. Cornerstone Regional Hospital does not provide services to patients who need obstetrics, telemetry or intensive care.

Recognized for Excellence in Providing Safe, High-Quality Care

The Leapfrog Group Top Hospital 2023 emblemCornerstone Regional Hospital was named a Top Hospital by The Leapfrog Group in 2023. This national distinction recognizes the hospital’s achievements in prioritizing patient safety by protecting patients from preventable harm and errors.

The hospital was also recognized by U.S. News & World Report as a High Performing Hospital in Knee Replacement. This award recognizes the hospital’s commitment to a higher standard of care for knee replacement patients.

Patients Are Our Top Priority

Cornerstone Regional Hospital is committed to providing superior quality healthcare for patients. We are compassionate and responsive to the needs of those in our care. Through our relentless focus on quality, we are working to change lives and transform the delivery of healthcare. It is imperative that all individuals in our served communities have access to the care they need, regardless of age, race, gender or socioeconomic status.

What is Health Equity?

Health equity is defined by the attainment of the highest level of health for all people, where everyone has a fair and just opportunity to attain their optimal health regardless of race, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, geography, preferred language and other factors that affect access to care and health outcomes.

Our Commitment to Health Equity

It is the mission and vision of Cornerstone Regional Hospital to embrace the tenants of health equity.

Health Equity Initiatives

Throughout the year, Cornerstone Regional Hospital partners with community organizations to help ensure healthcare equity — identifying the unique needs of our respective communities and developing programs, services and events that fully meet and fully address these needs. In addition, we regularly evaluate the health equity needs of the communities we serve to identify opportunities for continued improvement. CRH provides resources and education to decrease health equity disparities and provide the highest level of quality, compassionate healthcare to our patients.

Physician Investors

Physician Board Members

  • Alejandro Betancourt, MD
  • Raul Marquez, MD
  • Monzer H. Yazji, MD
  • Pedro McDougal, MD

Additional Investors

  • Ralph Alhalel, MD
  • Alejandro Betancourt, MD
  • Rick Bassett, MD
  • Carlos Cruz, DDS
  • Jose G. Dones, MD
  • Frank Glatz, MD
  • Audrey Jones, DO
  • Eugene Mackie, MD
  • Raul Marquez, MD
  • Pedro McDougal, MD
  • Pedro Montano, MD
  • Guillermo Pechero, MD
  • Monzer H. Yazji, MD
  • Jean L. Cabrera, MD

Board of Managers

  • Board President – Raul Marquez, MD

Board Members

  • Alejandro Betancourt, MD
  • Fabian Borrego, UHS
  • Pedro McDougal, MD
  • Charles Stark, UHS
  • Andrew Wilson, UHS
  • Monzer Yazji, MD
  • Joshua Lamb, UHS

Medical Executive Committee

  • Chief of Staff – Alejandro Betancourt, MD
  • Vice Chief of Staff – Raul Marquez, MD
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Gustavo Licea, MD
  • Chief of Surgery – Frank Gerold, MD
  • Chief of Medicine – Ivan Melendez, MD

Department Heads

  • Chief Executive Officer – Rance Ramsey
  • Human Resources Manager – Erika Betancourt
  • Admissions Manager – Irma Lizcano
  • Director of Patient Financial Services – Chris Muniz-Garza
  • Director of Operations – Crystal Lopez
  • Medical Staff Coordinator – Andrea (Drea) Garza
  • Interim Director of Nursing – Erica Ulloa
  • Radiology Supervisor – Rene Villarreal
  • Laboratory Supervisor – Nancy Campos
  • Case Manager – Kathleen (Kaye) Azufra, RN
  • Director of Accounting – Maribel Garza
  • Health Information Management Manager (Medical Records) – Corina Vela
  • Director of Surgical Services – Carmen Vasquez, RN
  • Quality Director – Marlene Balotro, RN, CPHQ, HACP